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  • A small bugfix for Griever is available. This version fixes the "party isolated" bug, along with other small fixes. Requires the new MFC DLLs.
  • An updated set of MFC DLLs are available (version 7.0). These will be required for most subsequent releases. Get them here. They're larger than the previous version, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that. Sorry, thank Microsoft.
Common downloads Size (6.0.8267) 457 kB (7.0) 1.25 MB
The Microsoft Foundation Classes are required to run most of these programs. Older programs usually require, while new programs tend to need In future updates, I'll try to be better in marking which programs require which...

T R I P L E    T R I A D   G O L D  

G R I E V E R Version 0.82
Griever is a save file editor for Final Fantasy VIII PC. It is similar to the Jenova editor for FF7, but also sports several new features. I spent a lot of time on the interface of this program, and I'd like to think that the end result is the best-looking FF8 save file editor available. Meaning it simply looks better than the other one. =)
Known bugs
• The "party isolated" box cannot be unchecked. FIXED
• Failing to recognize FF8 PSX saves. FIXED
Downloads Size
Griever 120 kB
Griever source (Visual Studio 6.0) 314 kB

F F 8 F M V Version 1.1
With this utility, you can extract and view the Final Fantasy VIII FMVs from the movie archives found on the game CDs. You can view both the high-res and low-res movies, and optionally play them in fullscreen mode.
Known bugs
• FF8FMV can't locate FF8. Use the '...' button and select the CD drive by yourself.
• FF8FMV can't locate binkplay.exe. Extract the FMVs to .bik files and play them manually by drag-dropping them onto binkplay.exe.
Downloads Size
FF8FMV 125 kB
Includes the Bink player, copyright of RAD Game Tools.
FF8FMV source (Visual Studio 6.0) 39 kB

F F 8 M I D I Version 1.0
Quite a few people have been asking me if there is a way to extract the MIDIs from Final Fantasy VIII. And the answer has always been no, not without losing the original instruments. Well, with this utility you can at least listen to the MIDIs, with all the original instruments, even the chorus in FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC.
Known bugs
• FF8MIDI has a memory leak which slowly drains your computer's system resources, resulting in a crash after a large number of MIDIs.
Downloads Size
Requires DirectX 6.1.
FF8MIDI source (Visual Studio 6.0 + DirectX 6.1 SDK) 42 kB
Final Fantasy VIII Soundfont
FFSF - lots of soundfonts + the FF8 MIDI Configurator

F F 8 S N D Version 1.0
Those of you reading the messageboard may have read my message about a possible FF8 sound extraction app. Well, this is the result. There are probably a bunch of bugs lying around, but none should be as serious as the FF8MIDI one (hopefully). Please try it out and tell me what you think of it in the messageboard.

Tip: Check out clip #01543, a 'secret' Square sound clip.
Downloads Size
FF8SND source (Visual Studio 6.0) 35 kB

G A R D E N Alpha version
Garden is indeed a true Final Fantasy VIII editor. Using my pre-alpha version, I have been able to hack several scenes in FF8 ([1][2]).

After a lot of pressure (I recieve 10 requests per week about this), I've decided to release this program, however only the source code. I hope that someone can continue my work and realize true FF8 editing.

The program currently supports decompiling the data files, editing game text data and re-compiling the data files again. The decompiled data files require about 1200 MB of disk space, and you will need to have a full FF8 install (all data files on disk).
Known bugs
• The re-compiled data files are not as effectively compressed as the original files, meaning FF8 will suffer a certain speed loss.
• LOTS more.
Downloads Size
Garden source (Visual Studio 6.0) 97 kB

E I G H T Version 0.8.2
Eight is the FF8 equivalent of Jenova*Birth, that is, a simple data file viewer/extractor. With it, you can view textures and with some tweaking, parts of the game script.
Known bugs
• Eight can't locate FF8. Use the '...' button and select the FF8\Data directory by yourself.
Downloads Size
Eight 30 kB
Eight source (Visual Studio 6.0) 106 kB

C H O C O B O   P A T C H Version 02 [release 4]
If you are one of those people who own Final Fantasy VII PC and tried to run it on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you no doubt discovered that it drops dead at the chocobo races. Every single time.

Well, instead of throwing the damn game out the window, you can now try this unofficial patch. It will zero out the faulty instruction that causes the crash, hopefully allowing you to get through the chocobo races with no problems.

The cause of the crash was discovered by jedwin, who also made the first version of the patch. I have since then wrapped it up in a nice package, which is what you get now if you download it. Be aware that you still use this unofficial patch at your own risk! There are no guarantees.
Known bugs
? There shouldn't be any in this one.
Downloads Size
Chocobo patch 24 kB
You can also get this patch through Eidos' support pages. Well, actually they linked to my file (on my server) directly, without asking permission. Naughty naughty, big companies like that should know better. >_<

J E N O V A Version 0.3.1
This was the program that started my programming career... In the beginning, it couldn't edit that much of the save file. Basically, a fancy Win32 interface and nothing more.

Now, a couple of releases later, it is one of the best FF7 editors available out there. The editor is powerful, yet easy to use thanks to the simple interface.
Known bugs
• You can't edit character stats?! Well, apparently. Don't know how I could've missed that one...
Downloads Size
Jenova 77 kB
Jenova source (Visual Studio 6.0) 377 kB
Jenova*Birth 10 kB
This tiny app lets you extract files from the LGP archives, view game textures, extract MIDIs, etc.
Jenova*Birth source (Visual Studio 6.0) 48 kB

F F 7 S N D Version 1.0
Identical to FF8SND, except that this one's for Final Fantasy VII PC.
Downloads Size
FF7SND source (Visual Studio 6.0) 32 kB

G A S T Beta release 1
After having found a new, fresh interest in the FF7 data files, I decided to resume work on this program. You may rejoice. This program can read the LGP data files and view the game backgrounds (found in field/flevel.lgp), and extract any file and optionally decompress it.
Known bugs
• Some field files produce garbage and some will crash the program.
• Missing something? That's what the source code is here for. Be my guest.
Downloads Size
Gast 23 kB
Gast source (Visual Studio 6.0) 140 kB

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